At QDL we provide wide range of External Wall insulation in Wexford, Waterford, Kilkenny and South East of Ireland. If your home is a hollow block construction or a solid wall, then cavity wall insulation is not an option. External insulation is therefore the next step to keeping the heat within the property and saving on fuel costs in the process. QDL have the materials and the expertise to make your home more heat efficient and protected against the weather. Please find more info on External wall insulation services below. Please feel free to contact us on 051 447792 for more details!Improved insulation levels lead to a reduction in heat losses and therefore to a reduced energy demand for heating in the winter months. Higher levels of insulation help to reduce building overheating in the summer months, thereby reducing the energy demand for cooling. Reduced energy demands result in lower CO2 emissions. Interstitial or internal condensation on walls can be eliminated, and the attendant problems of damp internal surfaces and mould growth are overcome.

The building fabric can be protected against the effects of the weather by the insulated cladding. The building structure is protected from daily environmental temperature changes. Fluctuations in internal temperatures are reduced, leading to more comfortable living and working conditions.




Did you know that if your home does not have attic insulation, 30% of your interier heat is lost through the roof? This is a significant and unnecesary waste of heat, energy and money and can be easily and cheaply recitified with attic roof insulation. If your home is already fitted with attic insulation but you feel it may be insufficient or less than 200mm you may want to replace or add another layer to bring it up to Building Regulation Standards. Attic insulation is a relatively cheap method of saving on energy bills and usually clients see the pay back of the cost within 3 years. As well as all of this, attic insulation has been proven to be fire resistant being granted an A1 fire classification, so you’re safe as houses! There are a number of methods of installing attic insulation and this is dependant on the attic space, size and type.

Pitched Roof

The easiest and most common method is to lay quilt such as glass fibre quilt or mineral fibre quilt between ceiling joists and a second layer in the opposite direction above the joists.

A second method would be to blow shredded fibre glass between and above ceiling joists.

Flat Roof

This depends largley on the structure of flat roof with the insulation methods varying between semi-rigid insulation boards or glass fibre quilt placed between joists.

Coverted Attic Roof

If you wish to insulate a converted attic, the methods include semi-rigid insulating boards or fibre quilt between the rafters.

Half the fuel you use to heat your home is needlessly wasted everyday through the wall if it is without sufficient insulation. Cavity wall insulation can cut this down by two thirds. The science is simple; insulation absorbes the heat during that day and releases it during the night. Not only does it keep the house warm in the winter but keeps it at a moderate and cooler temperature in the summer. This means less need for artificial and costly heating bills and a more comfortable environment in your home. If you do have a cavity wall, cavity wall insulation is by far the most cost effective method of insulating. Since 1991, building regulaions have meant that new houses must be installed with wall insulation during the building process. Our contractors will be able to investigate your walls to check if they are cavity or solid and if you need cavilty wall insulation.Installing Cavity wall insulation is cost effective, can be completed in less than one day and causes minimum disturbance to the inside of the home. Our contractors simply pump bonded beads into the cavity through drilled holes using a pumping machine. Price depends on factors such as cavity width, but a typical semi-dethached house costs around 600 euro and the savings on fuel can be seen after around 5 years.

If you feel your home could need wall cavity insulation and you want to make great savings on your heating bills contact us and our contractors can advise you on your options. As an SAEI registered company, QDL Insulation also do work under the home insulation grant scheme which means even more savings!

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Quarryview Developments LTD have a range of services to accomodate all of your building needs. From renovations to extensions and refurbishments to insulation we can provide expert building services. Our qualified and experienced staff are more than willing to help you and can provide a guarentee on all works. QDL is also approved and registered with NSAI and SEAI so you know you can trust us.

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