External Wall Insulation Ireland

qdl_extern1f43a1818f369ada83ada21d2317ce779e45f86eAt QDL we provide wide range of External Wall insulation in Wexford, Waterford, Kilkenny and South East of Ireland. If your home is a hollow block construction or a solid wall, then cavity wall insulation is not an option. External insulation is therefore the next step to keeping the heat within the property and saving on fuel costs in the process.

QDL have the materials and the expertise to make your home more heat efficient and protected against the weather. Please find more info on External wall insulation services below. Please feel free to contact us on 051 447792 for more details!

Improved insulation levels lead to a reduction in heat losses and therefore to a reduced energy demand for heating in the winter months. Higher levels of insulation help to reduce building overheating in the summer months, thereby reducing the energy demand for cooling. Reduced energy demands result in lower CO2 emissions.

Interstitial or internal condensation on walls can be eliminated, and the attendant problems of damp internal surfaces and mould growth are overcome.
The building fabric can be protected against the effects of the weather by the insulated cladding.
The building structure is protected from daily environmental temperature changes. Fluctuations in internal temperatures are reduced, leading to more comfortable living and working conditions.



Save Money
Save Fuel
Save the Environment

Our range of services includes:

If you have any other queries relating to our services please contact us and we'll be more than happy to help. Please contact us on 051 447792 for more information about our services.