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qdl_insuwall_ie_b165844d6b8ed8e1f6094c6658754597f26d57c8At QDL we offer quality cavity wall insulation sevices in South East Ireland. Please contact us on 051 447792 for a free quote!
Half the fuel you use to heat your home is needlessly wasted everyday through the wall if it is without sufficient insulation. Cavity wall insulation can cut this down by two thirds. The science is simple; insulation absorbes the heat during that day and releases it during the night. Not only does it keep the house warm in the winter but keeps it at a moderate and cooler temperature in the summer. This means less need for artificial and costly heating bills and a more comfortable environment in your home. If you do have a cavity wall, cavity wall insulation is by far the most cost effective method of insulating. Since 1991, building regulaions have meant that new houses must be installed with wall insulation during the building process. Our contractors will be able to investigate your walls to check if they are cavity or solid and if you need cavilty wall insulation.

Installing Cavity wall insulation is cost effective, can be completed in less than one day and causes minimum disturbance to the inside of the home. Our contractors simply pump bonded beads into the cavity through drilled holes using a pumping machine. Price depends on factors such as cavity width, but a typical semi-dethached house costs around 600 euro and the savings on fuel can be seen after around 5 years.

If you feel your home could need wall cavity insulation and you want to make great savings on your heating bills contact us and our contractors can advise you on your options. As an SAEI registered company, QDL Insulation also do work under the home insulation grant scheme which means even more savings!

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