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qdl_atticee87eea9123f55c13ccbaf94e26255e7a82c834aAt QDL we offer attic insulation services in Ireland. Please contact us for a free quote now on 051 447792

Did you know that if your home does not have attic insulation, 30% of your interier heat is lost through the roof? This is a significant and unnecesary waste of heat, energy and money and can be easily and cheaply recitified with attic roof insulation. If your home is already fitted with attic insulation but you feel it may be insufficient or less than 200mm you may want to replace or add another layer to bring it up to Building Regulation Standards. Attic insulation is a relatively cheap method of saving on energy bills and usually clients see the pay back of the cost within 3 years. As well as all of this, attic insulation has been proven to be fire resistant being granted an A1 fire classification, so you’re safe as houses! There are a number of methods of installing attic insulation and this is dependant on the attic space, size and type.

Pitched Roof

The easiest and most common method is to lay quilt such as glass fibre quilt or mineral fibre quilt between ceiling joists and a second layer in the opposite direction above the joists.

A second method would be to blow shredded fibre glass between and above ceiling joists.

Flat Roof

This depends largley on the structure of flat roof with the insulation methods varying between semi-rigid insulation boards or glass fibre quilt placed between joists.

Coverted Attic Roof

If you wish to insulate a converted attic, the methods include semi-rigid insulating boards or fibre quilt between the rafters.

Whatever type or sized attic you need insulated, our qualified contractors have the skills and equipment you need to save you time and money. And as if that wasnt enough, as a registered company with SEAI, QDL INSULATION can provide work under the home insulation grant scheme, which means even more savings for you!

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